TEEARDROPZTeeardropz​ aka Jonathan Brown, is a Jamaican reggae artist, who has been workingunseemingly to advance his musical career over the past 20 years. His early contact withManateeRecords​ in the early 1990’s was instrumental after meeting the producer, Delon Reidwho was responsible for many of the hit records from the then upstart reggae labels during thattime. ​TeearDropz​ was given the opportunity to record his song “​Party In Session ​” on one ofthe label’s riddims which also featured a younger ​VybzKartel​ at the time. His passion andconviction grew after seeing many artists throughout the country who made it to the big stage orabroad for shows and this is why ​Teeardropz​ remained faithful to his intuition and craft ofproducing and voicing on local projects. His songs are usually influenced by what is happeningin the world, Jamaica and in his life. For his 2020 song “​Trodding​”,produced by the late BarryOHare, he was invited for interviews on ​CVM​ at sunrise, TVJ, ​EBuzz-IrieFm​, ​EBlaze-FameFM​, ​SunCityRadio​and ​TheObserver​. His latest releases on the Manatee Records imprint“​Wake Up List​” on the ​Sattamasagana Rebirth​​Riddim,

produced by ​ManateeRecords​ andSilvaSounds​, has been buzzing on Jamaica radio waves over the past 2 months and is beingheard currently on ​IrieFM​, ​HITZFM​, ​ZIPFM​as well as many internet radio stations globally.The song was premiered more recently on ​Hot97​ in New York by ​BobbyKonders​ andMassiveB​and in the #1 Music Radio Market in the USA as one of the hottest singles to bereleased more recently. Other global radio stations are adding the “​Wake Up List​” to theirplaylist in the UK as well as on radio stations throughout Africa and the rest of the caribbeanand Canada. His other single World Order is produced by Devario Production. The reunion withTeearDropz​ and the manatee label has been an inspiration to both himself and the Presidentand CEO of ​ManateeRecords​, Calvin “Doc”Flowers since he first voiced on a Riddim on thatlabel in the early 1990’s. The reunion is as if the past years since he voiced “​Party in Session​”,were compressed to days as his acknowledgement by jamaican fans has increased since the“​Wake Up List​” hit the airwaves. ​TeearDropz​is currently finishing songs on several otherRiddims including “​Yellow Tape​” Riddim which will be another collaboration between hisCountryside Music, and Manatee Records

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