Born in Belleville, Canada 15 years ago Skriptin is a rap artist with spectacular flow and is gifted in production and beat making skills.

He started making music when he was way younger and music has been a form of therapy for Skriptin and you can tell from some of his compositions the pain,from past and present .

In the new generation of Artist an upward trend of rappers and beat makers is emerging and Skriptin is one of those rare breed of stars coming up in the game.Mad Skills and witty rhymes ,Skriptin has the key to next generation music,with mellow and punching voice the beats are well done with an overall mastering of the jams,pure crispy bliss and the rhymes take you a way to a wide array of emotions,he creates music that breathes.

Skriptin is killing each beat at a time check some of his work below and listen to him on Radio 251 .

Check out his music and follow his social media pages.

check out his IG @28skriptin

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