Cassandra J,Comes in with a new release that will be your most addictive type of jam you will listen to this year.Catchy lines and amazing vocals.Personally the Beauty has my attention this year get to know her and check out her new jam.


Cassandra J Singer/songwriter/producer/actress Born Cassandra Justine Gant on November 26 in Philadelphia, PA, was raised around a musically inclined family. She always had a love for music and a natural ability to play the piano. She never had any lessons and could play by ear. Cassandra learned to play her first song at the age of 5 and from then on her talent grew. She was also a very gifted writer, and started writing short stories and poems at age 9 after her and her mother moved to Atlanta Georgia. At age 11 Cassandra’s mother entered her in the APS writer’s round-up competition. She had to compete against several other schools, and won the competition. Since then her confidence in her writing grew. Cassandra and her mother moved back to Philadelphia in 1999, when she wrote her first song at age 15 titled “gotta go”, a fun teen pop break-up song.

She played it on her keyboard and sang the lyrics to her parents, and her father was so impressed that he decided he would do what he could to help strengthen her talent. He enrolled her in her high school’s (Simon Gratz) Jazz band, and signed her up in programs for vocal training to help strengthen her voice. She had her first studio experience at age 16, and she produced her first track complete with vocals, titled “I Want You So Bad”. Since then she has worked with various music groups and production groups such as BBS (Bubblin’ Brown Suga productions), Firestarter Ent, Mad Blast productions, KMG (Konkret Muzik Group), and savagery music group. She has also been the lead singer in a band (Infinent Breakthrough). She has performed at the Liacouras Center, The Wachovia Center, Grapestreet Lounge, Club Iguana, Chrome Night Club, Starlight Dance Club, Love Park, The Art’s Garage, Warm Daddy’s, and block parties. Cassandra has also co produced alongside producer writer and engineer Donnie B of Savagery music group. She currently has 4 new single releases “Everything, I like it, Girlfriend, and No strings” available on Tidal, iheartradio, iTunes, Amazon music and more.

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