Not so many people can say they have heard or seen Kenyan traditional Music.In a country where Urban hip-hop and Dancehall music dominated the airwaves a new crop of artists is emerging.

Cashville Sigilai is a new artist majoring is a local dialect called Kalenjin believe to have migrated from the Southern parts of Ethiopia Centuries ago.

The songs are intoxicating and beautiful in Rhythm and a very fast paced dance.

The Energy of the songs can keep you going through the night.Cashville has managed to create a niche element in his genre by creating urban sounds and visuals. One of his Most trending songs gaining alot of airplay in other African Countries goes by the name “Walk Away” with catchy phrases like “Baby Don’t Walk Away”,It’s in this unique style that we get a glimpse and a part of Kenyan Music that rarely hits the global market something we welcome as music lovers.

If you want to watch a few more music from this artist here is a few of his hits we selected for you.

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    Kiplangat senior

    Congratulations bro always keep the fire burning you will go far

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